One of the highlights of every month's Empire is the "'Ollywood" page, in which British designer Olly Moss cranks out a movie poster that is—inevitably—1,000 times cooler than the film's actual poster. For example:

  • Moss' Sex and the City 2 poster via.

Moss also designed this poster for Thor, which was commissioned by one of Marvel's big wigs as a gift for the film's cast and crew. Too bad Marvel decided to go with a wannabe-Frank Miller PhotoShop job for the film's actual poster.

A few other personal favorites, along with Moss' latest work, after the jump.

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Moss' most recent work is a gorgeous trifecta of posters for the original Star Wars trilogy, made in a limited edition for Mondo. Naturally, they're all sold out, which means if you're a rich person you should buy them for me. It's almost Christmas! Do something nice for me, rich person!

Hollywood: Hire Olly Moss. Fire this guy.

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