The 10 Weirdest Stories of 2010: Starting with, of course, that creepster Mitt Romney and his Vulcan grip.

Arms Reduction Treaty! Big deal nuclear arms reduction treaty might actually pass the Lame Duck session.

Tiptoeing into Pakistan: US military says it will increase raids in Pakistan, tensions be damned!

Which States Have the Drunkest Drivers? Hint: It's not us!

Spiderman Injured! Spidey took a serious show-stopping fall in his Broadway musical.

PUPPIESSSS! A German dog has 17 of them. This wouldn't be news if they weren't cute.

Miss the Eclipse? Curse you, cloudy skies! Here's some photos from the solstice eclipse.


Helmet Wars! Elly Blue on the great bicycle debate—to helmet or not to helmet?

W+K FTW: Wieden + Kennedy win a big important award! Hooray for them.

Oh yeah, and did you see the Fox News coverage of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"?