I dedicate today's entry to those scrooges who came down on poor Macca yesterday like a ton of bricks. I would rather listen to "Wonderful Christmas Time" on loop for an hour than hear the whole Fat Les album.

Fat Les was a supergroup(???) comprised of Alex James (bassist from Blur), acclaimed actor and father to Lily Allen, Keith Allen and artist/provocateur Damien Hirst. If you were to imagine what kind of music those three men would create together would it sound like "Naughty Christmas (Goblin in the Office)"? Really, be honest. I should also note that this song features guest vocals by Lisa Moorish, a singer/songwriter most notable for giving birth to children by both Pete Doherty and Liam Gallagher while married to another man. Plus she initially blamed it on Justin Welch from Elastica! Naughty, naughty woman.