Today's Top Story: I HAVE STREP THROAT, GUYS! (Hence the late start to GMN.) But the doc gave me some antibiotics, so nobody panic! (Except for those of you who had oral sex with me during the last two to five days.)

A suspected U.S. drone kills 18 alleged militants in Pakistan, while two suicide bombers murder nine in western Iraq.

A snowstorm slams the east coast—but if you're visiting, you probably already know that, right?

TSA junk touchers, rejoice! Full body scanners and aggressive pat-downs are on the menu for the foreseeable future!

A 27-year-old model dies mysteriously in the home of an Anheuser-Busch heir. However, nothing seems suspicious... YET.

Natalie Portman is PREGNANT...and ENGAGED! And I've got strep throat! Can this day get any worse?!?

The Merc staff is still on vacay until Wednesday, when our regular insipid blogging will continue at its usual rapid fire pace.

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: This weather (showery/breezy with a chance of snow on Wednesday) is NOT helping my strep!

And finally, let's stop thinking about my strep for a moment and remember Ms. Teena Marie who has passed away at age 54. Here's one of my favorites from the "Ivory Queen of Soul." God speed!