In Ohio, a couple is suing goddamn everybody because two drunk morons fell on the female half of the pair during a Bengals game back in 2009. The woman suffered a broken, bloody nose, broken fingers, a sprained something, as well as other minor cuts and scrapes.

Let's list the people getting sued:
The two guys listed as John Doe and John Doe 2.
The county-owned stadium (known as Paul Brown Stadium).
The Cincinnati Bengals organization.
Aramark Corp., the company that owns the vendor who sold JD and JD2 the beer.

They're looking for at least $20,000 dollars (this woman's apparent medical expenses). As a person with family members in the medical profession, I find it hard to believe that broken fingers and a bloody nose costs 20 grand. The couple is also seeking punitive damages which were not specified.

The vendor and the stadium are responsible for controlling unruly fans, and Cincinnati has a "Jerk" line that fans can call to report poor behavior. Regardless, the reaction by the couple seems a little harsh.

Of course, this isn't the first case against a team filed by drunken fans. A woman in New York has a case pending against the Mets for a spinal injury that she claims occurred when a drunk fan landed on her during a 2007 game.

So what do you think? Is this couple overreacting by suing everything in sight? Or is it a reasonable response? (By the way, the Bengals won that game, 23 - 20 in overtime against the Steelers. You know, if you care about such information.)