I'm a little shaky when it comes to planning ahead, so while I may have no clue about what I want to do for New Year's Eve, I do have January 1st dialed in thanks to the Grindhouse Film Fest. Check it: three hangover helpers to get you through the rocky patches of your dry-mouthed, aching-headed, woozy-stomached New Year's Day. Plus you might have seen one of these crazy flicks before, which means you have 90 delicious minutes to take a cozy nap in a dark movie theater while waiting for the next movie to start. Mmmm, triple bill. Added bonus: As of late Grindhouse has been offering edge-softening beer, so if you over-indulged on NYE (well, duh, of course you did) grab a pint and watch this trashy threesome smack the screen at the Hollywood Theatre ($7 per movie or $12 for triple bill).

Master of the Flying Guillotine @ 3:30 pm

Excited for this one: Gates of Hell from horrormeister Lucio Fulci @ 5:30 pm

Lady Terminator (which is batshit crazy) @ 7:30 pm