J.R. Smith has your "Three Goggles" right here.

The Denver Nuggets swingman celebrates (Rudy-style) after hitting a three pointer in last night's 95-77 trouncing of an exhausted Portland Trail Blazers team. Smith's mocking of the Blazers' celebratory meme overshadowed a game where Denver's fresh legs helped them dominate a Blazers squad on the second night of a back-to-back. In what has been the theme of this season, the Blazers follow a positive development (Monday's 96-91 road victory over the Utah Jazz) with a negative one, which might explain their mediocre 16-16 record. Don't blame the thin Colorado air (Patty Mills described the sensation on twitter as "like playing basketball on Mt. Everest"), or the fact that the Blazers have now played the most road games of any NBA team (an honor they share with the dismal Minnesota Timberwolves), truth is Portland looked uninspired against a vulnerable Denver team that is missing star player Carmelo Anthony

In other Blazers news, ESPN's Chris Broussard reports that "Portland is as active on the trade market as any club" and Marcus Camby would rather retire than play for a rebuilding team—present company excluded, I suppose. The Orlando Magic are still interested in Camby's services, and Portland has constantly been mentioned as the lucky pierre in a New Jersey/Denver deal that would send pouting superstar Anthony to the Nets for a bevy of young players and draft picks.

The Blazers return home tomorrow and will try for their second win in a week against the Utah Jazz.