Unless you've been hiding out and avoiding downtown, you've probably seen or heard tell of this year's excellent lineup of downtown pop-up shops, one of which has been occupied by everyone's favorite craft curators, Crafty Wonderland. A combination of efforts from various agencies and entities made the shops possible, giving local retailers high-visibility real estate access and activating the empty retail spaces that dot the downtown shopping corridor, in hopes that it might lure in potential tenants. And hey, it worked! The Crafty Wonderland shop is set to join the Portland Design Collective as one of the pop-ups that's sticking around for good. Er, well, for as long as they've got before the parking garage they're housed under is razed and rebuilt. But still. This is awesome news; if you haven't checked out the shop let me assure you it's as adorable as you'd expect. They'll be closing as originally planned on at 6 pm today, but will reopen on Monday, January 10th. And if you were planning on attending tonight's closing party, don't bother. Instead mark your calendar for the January 10th reopening party. Those are better kinds of parties anyway.


The Crafty Wonderland Shop is located at 802 SW 10th!