I have a real love-to-hate thing with OPB's morning show Think Out Loud. Yes, their format's constant need for fresh content means they give a platform to artists and topics that probably wouldn't otherwise get such broad exposure, and that's great, but... well, I have been known to conduct fake interviews with a sock puppet while imitating Emily Harris. The host's awkward interview practices are a daily source of fascination/horror—plus it's on twice a day, which is just mean. Basically, it's a show crying out for its own drinking game. Here goes:

1. Drink every time Emily Harris allows a guest or caller to ramble uninterrupted for more than a minute. Drink again with every additional 30 seconds.
2. Drink every time a web commenter is referred to by their login name. ("BiGui69 makes an interesting point on our website...")
3. Drink every time Emily Harris takes a long.... pause... in search of just the right word....
4. Drink every time Emily Harris laughs heartily at a line not recognizable as humor.

Anyone else?