EBossWatch, a group that every year comes up with a list of the 100 worst bosses, slotted a somewhat familiar name down at No. 99 in this year's iteration.

That would be John Minnis, the ex-Portland cop and East County GOP legislator who lately had been in charge of the Department of Safety Standards and Training. In charge, that is, until Governor Ted Kulongoski booted him out he resigned last year when a female employee accused him of sexual harassment.

Minnis, who was included on eBossWatch's most recent list apparently because the state filed a formal complaint against him this year, finds himself in good company. The list includes several alleged serial sexual harassers and assorted power-abusers, from low Starbucks and Little Caesar's Pizza managers to big names like actors Steven Seagal and Casey Affleck, and U.S. Representative Eric Massa of New York.