Lazer Sword bring their mouth lasers (lazers?) to Portland on New Years Eve
  • Lazer Sword bring their mouth lasers (lazers?) to Portland on New Year's Eve

Another week, another Mercury music section to distract you from this visual history of Daft Punk helmets through the years. I liked them before it was cool to like them, back when they wore jai alai helmets.

Behold! Our very comprehensive guide to all the musical events going down on New Year's Eve. Are you going to party with Talib, drink your weight in whiskey with Crooked Fingers, or make a baby at Keith Sweat? Or maybe all three?

Keith Sweat - "Make it Last Forever"

Awhile back it was announced that Berbati's Pan was joining the great venue graveyard in the sky (say hello to 17 Nautical Miles for us) after their final show of 2010. We asked various Portlanders—from Colin Meloy to former Mercury music editrix Julianne Shepherd—and a few former Berbati's employees about their most cherished memories of the club. In fact, here's audio from one of my favorite Berbati's Pan shows...

Okkervil River - "Westfall" (Live at Berbati's Pan, September 9, 2007)

If this was any other week that didn't involve a major holiday or the shuttering of an iconic venue, Mahmoud Ahmed would be our lead article. The godfather of Ethiopian music, Ahmed is a legend and his Portland appearance has brought together a nice cross section of music fans with varied backgrounds.

Mahmoud Ahmed - "Embwa Bèlèw"

We spill the beans on Sporting, the new improvisational project of Luke Wyland (AU) and drummer John Niekrasz. Sadly they don't have any recorded music, so the way I see it we have two options of what song we should post here: either something from AU, or a live bootleg from Sports, Huey Lewis' 1983 masterwork. I wish all decisions in life were this easy.

Huey Lewis - "Walking On A Thin Line" (Live in Portland, OR December 1986)

End Hits: The Heart of Rock & Roll.