Two forces that are no strangers to blood—be it the reeking splatters of Jawa innards or the stupid guts of Captain Kirk's stupid kid—are teaming up to do some good. Nice work, Imperial stormtroopers and Klingons!

The First Annual Galaxy Blood Drive runs tomorrow from 9 am-2:30 pm at the Red Cross' Portland Donor Center (3131 N Vancouver), with representatives from the 501st Legion and the Klingon Assault Group in attendance. Blood donors will be able to vote for either the stormtroopers or the Klingons (the winning group gets a "Galaxy Drive Trophy"), and can also score buttons, shirts, and stuff like "a one-night stay at the Columbia Gorge hotel, a 'Tauntaun' sleeping bag, two $25 gift certificates from Gartner’s Meat Market, a Mary Kay package, and more." (Snicker all you want; while Klingons wouldn't be caught dead with Mary Kay products, Odo uses 'em all the goddamn time.) Naturally, there'll also be photo ops, just in case after giving blood you want a photo of your pale, trembling self next to some dude who keeps loudly insisting he's Worf's long-lost brother.

Should be fun, as long as Alexander doesn't show up. Or TK-421. I hear that guy's a dick.