And here we go again... The latest from the Portland Police Bureau:

News Release from: Portland Police Bureau
Posted: January 2nd, 2011 4:41 PM

Portland Police involved in an officer involved shooting in southeast Portland.

This time, it's at 82nd and Division. For those keeping score, this is the fifth police shooting since late November. Details as we get 'em.

UPDATE 5:52 pm—
Apparently the shooting happened at an abandoned carwash on 82nd Avenue just north of Powell where homeless people are known to camp out. A formerly-homeless guy who identified himself as Steve says his friend heard eight shots from the scene. There's still no police public information officer on the scene, just reporters and rubberneckers wandering around with cameras.

UPDATE 6:33—
More details on today's shooting: Apparently the altercation started less than half a block down the street from the abandoned car wash, at a Food 4 Less grocery store. Witnesses say a homeless man was threatening a security worker at the store, and police were called around 4 pm today to respond. The suspect then retreated to the car wash where the shooting took place. More details will be coming soon. Mayor Sam Adams has been on site since 6:30 pm, as well as Mike Kuykendall (director of services for the PPB).

UPDATE 8:02 pm—
Here's the police account of the situation, looks like the fatally-shot person was advancing on the police with a "large knife" and threatened to kill a female security guard twice before the incident. The fatally-shot man was apparently alone in the building, so there are no witnesses to the shooting other than the officers involved. The officers did not have beanbag guns on hand and it's possible the Taser did not connect because the man was wearing heavy layers to protect against the cold.

At approximately 4:00 p.m. today, Sunday January 2, 2011, East Precinct officers responded to a 9-1-1 call regarding an unwanted male subject who was threatening to kill the complainant and refusing to leave. The complainant, a security officer from a nearby business, showed the responding officers to where the person making the threats could be found, a nearby closed-down car wash.

The officers contacted the subject inside the location who came out of an inner room displaying a large knife. Officers began giving commands to the subject to drop the knife. The subject refused to drop the knife and advanced on the officers. One officer first deployed a Taser on the advancing subject, but the Taser was ineffective and the subject continued to advance and was ignoring commands to drop the knife. Two officers, including the officer that attempted to use a Taser, fired their handguns at the subject and the subject went down to the ground.

Officers immediately called for medical personnel to respond and when paramedics arrived they determined that the subject was deceased.

The deceased subject is an approximately 60-year-old male.

Investigators have learned that two days ago, the same subject threatened to kill the complainant.