Tron: Legacy is an absolutely gorgeous music video that cost $170 million and goes on for two hours longer than it should, mostly thanks to (A) needless close-ups of a cute dog (sadly, not this one), and (B) a mind-numbing infodump of half-sensical exposition and pseudo-philosophical rambling (seriously, it's like Disney saw the Matrix sequels and were all, "Now that's how you make a movie!"). Thankfully, Legacy has now been shortened to 24 seconds, and rendered and scored in Tron fans' preferred eight-bit style.

*In the interest of full disclosure, I should note that one of my fellow Mercury editors—who shall remain nameless, to better hide his shame—really quite enjoyed Tron: Legacy. His post-screening review: "Hey, I kinda liked it! Man, I am sooooo stoned." He also ate an entire box of Raisinets at the screening, then talked about Dark Side of the Moon for no less than three hours.