One Weekend, Two Officer-Involved-Shootings: Portland police officers shot and killed a homeless man with a knife on SE 82nd Ave yesterday, and "accidentally" fired shots at a fight outside Club 915 on New Years Eve (luckily, they didn't hit anyone, but a bouncer died from shots fired from a civilian's gun).

$50 Billion Face: Goldman Sachs estimates the value of Facebook at $50 billion... and throws some of its own money into the site.

Bank of America Leaks! BofA is scrambling to find out what Julian Assange could be threatening to release about the company via WikiLeaks.

Meanwhile, In Current WikiLeaks... The US tried to start a trade war against European countries which opposed GM foods?

The End is Nigh! Say Christians who believe Judgement Day is upon us.

Bad Year to be a Human in Afghanistan: Civilian deaths in the country fell seven percent this year, but still clocked in at over 1,200 lives lost.

Oooo... "Digital Newsstand". Google goes after Apple's app market, pushing publishers to get behind its new digital newsstand apps.

Sex Symbol No More: Zsa Zsa Gabor, who is 93 (!!) and already paralyzed, may need a leg amputated.

African-American Murals in Portland are damaged by time and vandals.

Annnd from The Onion: Nation's snowy conditions proving tough for nation's idiots.