A 30-person protest marched through around Burnside near the Portland police traffic division headquarters last night at about 9pm, but according to KATU it was a pretty mysterious affair that maaaaay have had something to do with police shootings or something?

From KATU's piece:

A group of 20 to 30 people took to the streets on the east side of Portland in protest Monday night, but it wasn't clear what they were protesting. ...

While there was no clear message from the protest, a KATU News photographer saw one person holding a sign saying, "Murder doesn't make our city safer."

It may be a reference to the recent officer-involved shootings.

  • Alex Milan Tracy

Could it possibly be a protest against the police? The giant banners reading "Cops Under Control" and "Off the Pigs" (reprised from last spring's Copocalypse) may have given some clue to the motive of the protest. I dunno, though.

All snark aside, the protest seems to have revived several themes from recent anti-cop protests including: marching to the traffic division headquarters and hurling a rock, kicking over trashcans, and defacing a Wells Fargo. Photojournalist Alex Milan Tracy has excellent photos up at Indymedia.

More about this weekend's shootings here and here.