Trouble in Pakistan! An ally of Pakistan's president was just assassinated.

The Birds Died Totally Natural Deaths, You Guys! Experts say it wasn't a Biblical plague that struck down thousands of birds in Arkansas, it was a storm. We're supposed to believe that?! The end is nigh!!

GOP Goes All CSI: The incoming GOP leadership say they'll launch six major investigations, including into corruption in Afghanistan and WikiLeaks.

Busting Labor Unions, State by State: States with tight budgets are trying to curb the power of labor unions, especially ones for state employees.

Airports Ready to Boot TSA. Little known fact: Airports can legally hire their own private security companies to replace the grope-crazy TSA. Sixteen already have.

How Much Does PBR Cost in China? $44.

A Meme I Can Get Behind: Stock photos of women laughing alone with salad.


Rose Quarter Costco? According to "well placed sources" in the mayor's office, Sam Adams is considering helping a Costco big box store open up in a Portland Public Schools building near the Rose Quarter.

Oregon: Trouble Cleaning Up. The state is falling short of its green emissions goals.

Salmonella Freakout! Are you a hippie? Do you eat clover sprouts? Watch out for salmonella in a tainted sprouts.