Over on his cranky blog, Jack Bogdanski is complaining about how Mayor Sam Adams blocked him on Twitter.

That is a pretty dumb move on the part of Adams' office, but Bogdanski shouldn't whine about the tactic. After all, he's the one who blocked the Mercury news teams' computers from his site back in 2007. What goes around, comes around.

This has been your petty blog infighting news update of the day, thank you for tuning in.

Update 10:54 am—Roy Kaufmann in Adams' office says that the mayor did not ever intentionally block Jack Bogdanski. "Obviously we have no interest in blocking Jack Bog," says Kaufmann, who says neither staff nor the mayor blocked the Bog. The mayor's office thinks it could be a technical glitch and that when Adams tried to unblock Bogdanski, he got an error message.