A team of Mercury and Powells' staffers are currently hard at work hanging more than 500 prints in the Pearl Room at Powell's—copies of just about every Mercury cover since 2000, for a show that will overflow the Basil Hayward gallery and spill into the stairwell. Our art directors have done some pretty outstanding work over the years—you'll recognize art from local and national artists, from Charles Burns to Shepard Fairey to Jim Woodring to... well, lots of folks. (The cover text, too, is kind of a trip. Remember 2002?) There's an opening reception tomorrow from 6-9 pm, and the prints are available for purchase at $10 a pop—there's only one poster per cover, so if you've got your heart set on something, best stop by tomorrow. (Check out our archives for a taste of what's up for grabs.) And don't miss this week's paper, in which every art director in Mercury history weighs in on their most and least favorite covers. Personally, I like our 9/11 cover a lot—you can see it in the photo up there, right above our current art director Scrappers' head. How about you guys—favorites? Covers that made you vow never to pick up our trash rag again?