The alleged Gunwitch
  • The alleged "Gunwitch"
Today in horrific crimes against women, KTVZ reports that a man shot a 20-year-old woman in the face at a New Years party in Klamath Falls, ran away, and was allegedly caught by cops three blocks away.

But wait! It gets weird! Jezebel got a tip that the man is actually the prolific misogynist pick-up-artist Gunwitch who runs a bizarro blog about the Gunwitch Method of hitting on ladies: "project animalistic sexuality and escalate physical contact until the woman stops them. His crude motto: 'Make the ho say no.'"

Sounds.... rapey. From the Gunwitch FAQs:

Q: What quality, type, kind, caliber, scale of women do you get? Whites, blacks, Hispanics, welfare moms, bank managers, nurses, 5'3s, 6'1s, some big tits, some smallish tits, usually wearing revealing clothes of some kind, some live with parents, some own their own home, 19 year old, 37 year old, some stupid, some political, some into computers, some into smoking pot. I've slept with maybe 120-150 women of all types.

Also, he uses sex as a verb. As in: "I didn't approach and sex the first woman I ever had sex with." CONDEMN.