To celebrate the Republicanization of our government, the entire Constitution is being read aloud on the House floor today. When they got to the part about the president being a natural-born citizen, a crazy Birther started shouting from the balcony about how Obama is a Kenyan who shouldn't legally be president. The screamer was arrested. Wonkette has video of the disruption:

That's some mighty fine gavel-smashing. Think about what this screaming Birther's morning was like. She woke up and thought to herself: "Oh! Today is the day that they read The Constitution aloud! What a proud day in American history! At last, our Congress will remember what they are doing in Washington D.C. and they will stop funding roads and fire departments! Say, wait a minute. They're going to read the clause about our president being a citizen! Obama's not a citizen! Maybe if I go and lie in wait and then remind people of this fact—I might have to be a little loud, but so did Patrick Henry, after all—they will finally reveal Obama as a fraud, and he will be sent to prison and Obamacare will be repealed and Ronald Reagan will be president again! Yes," she thought to herself, "That is exactly what I will do." Enjoy jail, idiot.