Tom Miller and his preferred means of alternative transportation.
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  • Tom Miller and his preferred means of alternative transportation.
Big changes in Mayor Sam Adams' world: Sue Keil, Portland's transportation director, is retiring, and the mayor's controversial, skateboarding chief of staff, Tom Miller, has been tapped to take her place. Update 11:42 am: Warren Jimenez, Adams' deputy chief of staff and point person on public safety and police issues, is moving over to Miller's job. Arts and culture editorpolicy director Jennifer Yocom, in turn, will fill behind Jimenez.

We'll have more on this later, but in the meantime, here are excerpts from a release sent by Adams' office.

Yesterday Susan Keil, Director of the Portland Bureau of Transportation, announced her intent to retire on May 1, 2011 and submitted her resignation to Mayor Sam Adams. Ms. Keil was appointed to the position by then-Commissioner Adams in 2005 and has led the bureau for nearly six years. ...

Adams lauded Keil, “With Sue at the helm, PBOT has accomplished great things despite significant financial constraints. She’s substantially improved day-to-day management and will retire having left the bureau in excellent shape.”

Mayor Adams has appointed Tom Miller, his current chief of staff, to serve as the next director of Transportation. Mr. Miller will begin at PBOT on January 25, with Ms. Keil remaining with the bureau until May 1 to oversee the bureau’s budget process and allow for an orderly transition process.

“Tom is the right choice to lead the bureau to its next goals. His talent, professionalism, and commitment complement the five-plus years of oversight he’s had with PBOT in our portfolio” said Adams.