Yes, as a matter of fact, I am still befuddled and steaming that Toy Story 3 made so many "Best of 2010" lists. (Oh, C'MON! You love my obsessive-compulsiveness. It allows you to take the intellectual high ground, and gives you the false impression that you could have my job one day. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! YEAH RIGHT.) Anyway for those connoisseurs of great cinema that loved Toy Story 3 so much, here's a film that came out in 2010 that YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE. It's called Cool Dog—and it's about a dog... that's cool! Dude... he even wears sunglasses! And drives a car! And rescues his mop-topped kid master from bumbling kidnappers. (Hold on... my tears... they're welling up... just like they did in Toy Story 3! Oh, cinema! Why must I instantly fall prey to your inscrutable manipulations??)

Eternal thanks to BWE.