Oil Get You! Amazingly, the oil from the BP spill in the Gulf is almost all gone—thanks, microbes!

Slow and Steady: Unemployment nationally drops bit by tiny bit.

WikiLeaks Heads Up! The US State Department is warning hundreds of activists and officials who may be named in WikiLeaks and moved some for "their safety." Meanwhile, Julian Assange gets a book deal!

Why?! Why?! Obama will sit down for an interview with Bill O'Reilly.

Children: Why Aren't they Playing? They're supposed to be having fun, dammit, not watching TV.

Get Out of Prison, Donate an Organ: The strange story of the Scott sisters, who were just released from prison in Mississippi, on the condition that one sister donates a kidney to the other.

Witchcraft is Real Business in Romania and now witches are protesting a plan to make them pay income tax:

iTunes Hacked! Thousands of iTunes accounts linked to active credit cards are for sale in China. Um. I don't know what to do about this.

More Subarus for Portland! Move to Portland, buy a Subaru. Now the car company is opening a new $20 million warehouse in North Portland.

Kulongoski Heading Out: Eight years as governor—but what does it MEAN?!?