Spencer Burton - Man of the Hour
It was a sad day this November when Portland voters threw out voter-owned elections, canning the process of giving public campaign money to city council and mayoral candidates. The dollars, though sometimes poorly spent, helped create real, difficult races for incumbents. The voter owned elections system failed to be renewed by an excruciating .6 percent (about 1,300 votes).

But now stonemason/hottie/former city council candidate Spencer Burton thinks he can bring them back. On his new (kind of weird) website, Burton announced today that he has filed an initiative petition to get voter owned elections on the 2012 ballot. "My New Year’s Resolution is to take back our democracy from the corrupting influence of big money. I want you to join me," writes Burton.

Yes? No? Will Burton's burly arms and moviestar smile win democracy reform a permanent place in Portlanders' hearts?