I would wear him as a scarf.
  • I would wear him as a scarf.

Stewie's a cat from Reno who just won the record for the world's longest cat. He's a Maine Coon who's over four-feet long. He looks so stretchy. I really want to pet him. Twenty people could pet him at once! Too bad he's not a lady, think of all the kittens he could nurse. He could also have a great career in burlesque as a living feather boa. Also: He's Alison's spirit animal.

See him in a couple weeks at the International Cat Show out by the airport.
Holiday Inn @ PDX
8439 NE Columbia
Sat-Sun Jan 29-30, 9am-5 pm
Cost: $4 & 2 cans of food for the Oregon Food Bank

Someone's a wordsmith over at the cat show HQ. Their press release reads like an ode to felines:

From Funny to Serious, Naked to Fluffy, Jungle Eyes to Pampered Puss: The Cat
Gentle Giants with the look of the forest, the Maine Coon
Elegant & Sleek Oriental Shorthairs and Siamese
The Naked Canadian; the Sphynx cat
Loving, lap leopards; the Bengal
Bold and brawny British Shorthairs
A Bob-cat look alike, the Pixiebob