Captain Mittens was End Hits' best freelancer, until a coyote ate her.
  • Captain Mittens was End Hits' best freelancer, until a coyote ate her.

End Hits—Portland's 39th best music blog—is looking for a new freelance contributor. Specifically we are looking for someone to write about local music, which means news about Portland bands, show/album reviews, gossip, and just about anything else that involves our local music community. For this, we will pay you in money. Not just coins, but actually paper money (barely).

Here are the details:
• You must live in town, attend shows, and know all sorts of things about Portland music. No exceptions.
• You will be required to contribute at least three posts a week to End Hits. It doesn't matter what time your posts go up—this is perfect for someone already employed or in school—since much like the Original Hotcake House, this blog is open 24 hours a day.
Also like the Original Hotcake House you get all the pancake batter you can eat. Sorry, legal stopped us from including this one.

What's in it for you:
• The thrill of having your work published on the internet. The internet!
• Free music, free shows, and free hate mail from commenters.
• Money. Not paying rent money, but more like buying burritos money.
• If everything works out, a chance to make more burrito money by writing for the paper.
• You get to write about music, what else do you need?

If this works for you, please email over 100-150 words on a Portland band that we haven't already covered here on End Hits. Good luck.