I didn’t think this day would come. My biggest beef with covering the food/restaurant beat is that it hasn’t given me a lot of opportunity to post pictures of my Pavement quilting and decoupage projects or excerpt my Gary Young/Spiral Stairs slash fiction novel-in-progress. Situation rectified.

January 20th, Pitchfork reports, Pavement will appear on the Food Network program “Ace of Cakes.” I’ve never actually seen the show, but apparently it follows Duff Goldman’s custom cake shop, Charm City Cakes, as they make shit that looks like the Hubble Telescope and an Imperial AT-AT. Sadly—I guess—Pavement’s appearance will be one of the last episodes, as the network realized no matter how realistic your Wrigley Field replica looks, it still doesn’t taste as good as pie.

I was proud of my blog title...feel free to outdo me in the comments. Winner gets the satisfaction of having a good knowledge of Pavement lyrics and baking terminology.