ATTENTION, BLOGTOWN READERS: If your name is not Wm.™ Steven Humphrey, you don't need to read this blog post.

Hey Steve! How's it cookin'? Remember 2008? When your discovery of Yelle provoked you to say you would listen to no other music than French disco? Remember that? I sure do. Good times, good times.

Then THIS happened:


Well, today I've got some important news for you, Steve. Because Yelle—the French electropop sensation who very nearly dominated your listening habits for life—has returned. You can now immediately delete all the Justin Bieber mp3s off your computer and make way for THIS: The brand new song from Yelle!



Yelle - "Safari Disco Club"

This time the song title's not in French, but the lyrics are, which means I have no idea what she's singing about! Safaris! And disco clubs! Probably! It comes from the album of the same name, which comes out on March 29. At any rate, I'm sure you're relieved that you can go back to listening to music the way god intended—that being French bleepy bloopy disco pop!—and be rid of the Bieb once and for all. You're welcome.