China: We Know Your Secrets. They're apparently testing a stealth jet fighter.

Fox Says: Tone it Down. Since when does Fox tell its anchors to back off? Oh, right, after a tragic shooting that has caused people to point fingers at Fox news....

Who Was This Shooter? A portrait of Gabrielle Giffords' shooter as a man cracking up in college—his new lawyer is one of the best.

The Deadliest Gun States: Where are people shooting each other the most? Oh, yes, Mississippi, followed by Arizona.

Thunderstorms Make Antimatter: Proof that we live in the future.

Babymaking Bust!: The nation has a record low for teen birth rates, meanwhile a New Hampshire high school bans an anti-AIDS group for handing out condoms to students.

KitzKitzKitz: Our former and current governor John Kitzhaber was sworn in yesterday and discussed Oregon's budget woes in a lengthy extended metaphor.

TriMet on Trial: The bus driver responsible for the deadly April crash in Old Town is in court, rehashing the terrible details.

The Sports! Sorry, Oregon. At least you can look forward to the Blazer Live Blog tonight right here!