No surprise here. Verizon announced today that the iPhone will be available on that network starting early next month.

Prices are the same: $199 for the 16GB model, $299 for 32GB, with a 2 year service contract. No word yet on data pricing. Verizon has 93 million subscribers, so ending the exclusive deal with AT&T gives Apple access to tons more subscribers, many in large cities like New York and San Francisco with notoriously bad AT&T service.

The phone is using Verizon's widespread CDMA network, as expected, so it won't work overseas like the AT&T version.

Prediction: They will sell a lot of these. When Apple releases a new model in June, they will sell a lot more.

Further prediction: Android will continue to grow as well. Neither platform will kill the other anytime soon. People who say that this or that move by one platform will mean the death of the other platform should shut up, because they're stupid.