• Why yes, I am awesome at photoshop. original image via the Vancouver Sun.

Ah, yes—Phoenix Jones, the "Guardian of Seattle"! Phoenix Jones, who dresses up in an elaborate superhero costume (which, natch, he keeps in a comic book shop), cruises around in a sweet-ass Kia, poses for awesome pictures, and occasionally tries to fight crime. He also occasionally gets his ass handed to him by people who don't give a shit that he's playing dress-up.

One of Seattle's self-proclaimed superheroes had his nose broken and was threatened at gunpoint Saturday, prompting police to again ask that he and others stop with the costumes and call 911.

The Man of Steel he is not.

Police spokespeople say they heard about the incident from reporters—Phoenix Jones the Guardian of Seattle talked about the incident Monday with partner, KOMO/4. Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said he isn't aware of a police report regarding the incident.

Some patrols officers have mistaken what they call the "costume-wearing complaints" for criminals, and say in some cases the characters are lucky they haven't been seriously hurt. That confusion prompted police to issue a bulletin to alert patrol officers in November.

"Does Superman get his ass kicked?" one detective asked. "These people should not be called superheroes."

The rest of the story is here. I'd say the best parts are the phrases "Another man pulled out a gun seconds later and when the superhero let go of the man he was holding, that man kicked him in the face and broke his nose," followed shortly thereafter by "Jones insisted the attack wasn't a big deal."