I am a fairly new reader/listener of you, and quickly became a fan! First off, I would like to say thank you to you and your hubby Terry for creating "It Gets Better." It's a wonderful, wonderful cause!

Ok, so here is my issue. I was listening to an old podcast of yours where a caller had mentioned a fetish called CFNM. This has intrigued me enough to find a group of women and host a CFNM party. My problem is I cannot find women interested in this completely innocent fetish! Man after man has contacted me wanting to participate, but I seem to be the only woman in Portland, Oregon, who is interested! I have listed ads on Craigslist, and even asked several girlfriends I thought might be interested, but none of them responded! This is seriously frustrating! So, I decided to make a Meetup.com page in hopes to draw women in, and organize these events. Would you be willing to promote this page just once so I can find some like-minded women? I have men who are ready and willing to get naked, just no women ready and willing to enjoy them!

Here is my Meetup.com site! Thank you, Dan!


My response after the jump...


Happy to help, Kelleigh, and I hope you find the CFs you seek. I mean, it's is kinda difficult to have a CFNM party without any fully Ced Fs to make the Ms keenly ware of their Nity... actually, it's kinda impossible.

And for the record: whenever I point out that there are way more kinky guys out there than kinky girls—a point that various sex researchers I'm too lazy to look up right now have confirmed—folks jump down my throat and insist that tossing that fact around is tantamount to sex discrimination and/or contributes to the invisibility of the kinky women who are out there.

So, hey, kinky women: prove me wrong. The best way to fight invisibility is by... materializing! Sign up for Kelleigh's party, show up for her party, and I'll run a follow-up with a post about how it went.

And, finally, speaking of CFNM: it looks like there's a little CFNM action in the upcoming—and widely pre-panned—Ashton Kutcher/Natalie Portman flick. So you have that to look forward to, Kelleigh, if your party's a bust.