Now, celebrity gossip ain't usually my bag. But this is too atrocious to let slide:


I'm down in L.A. for the week, where posters of a shirtless Adrien Brody are popping up everywhere. They're made to look like guerilla art but they are most certainly not. Word is that Brody himself brought the photo to a marketing agency wanting to change his image. He wants you to know he's buff now, no longer a wispy Pianist. Brody supposedly commissioned these folks to start what seemed like a street art movement, posting the idiotic pose illegally around the city. It's about as pathetic a needy a story as I've heard in some time.

The once potentially interesting actor's move seems to be working, just not how he wanted. He's skipped from spindly passed buff and went all the way to tool box.

Maybe some real guerilla artists can head to the streets and deface these things—turn him into The Situation or something.

And there's L.A. for ya.