Last night Colin Firth guested on the Daily Show to stump for The King's Speech, which is up against Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception, and The Social Network for Best Picture at Sunday's Golden Globes. It's one of those annoyingly solid award bait-y meat 'n' potatoes kinds of films that you can't really say anything bad about but that hardly inspire any sense of newness (for the longer version of what I just said, you can read my review):

I know the Oscars are supposed to be where it's at, but I think the Golden Globes get too short shrift. Both are kind of bullshitty measures of quality anyway, but while the Globes not only pretty effectively foreshadow the Oscars they're also way more fun. The stars are more relaxed, the red carpet fashion a little riskier, and there's a general downplay of all the stiff pomp and circumstance that accompany the Oscars. Luckily the Bagdad is coming through for those of us hippies without TV at home, screening the whole affair for free beginning at 5 this Sunday (minors welcome with parent/guardian). If anyone else knows of another place in town where peeps can watch, leave that shiz in the comments!