• Riverfront Times

It's official: MySpace is falling apart. Yesterday, the company announced 500 layoffs (about half of everyone who worked there, and almost the same number as people still holding active accounts.)

Remember when MySpace was "it"? When "it" was supposedly making such a giant impact on everything in pop culture— from the next big TV star to the promotion of the next big band? When "it" was the platform for our generation (and also for GIFs that sparkle, and wolf pictures, and bad spelling and punctuation)?

And then came Facebook. The one-time competitor, but now conqueror. And now, in less than a decade's time, MySpace stands deserted. Forsaken for another site where all you really do—still!—is message friends, upload photos, listen to music and videos, overshare, and cyber-stalk people you haven't seen in years,

So what happened? Was it another of society's ever-changing, unpredictable whims? A superior, cleaner interface? People who like Big Brother sharing all their personal data? That's what I'm asking myself.

Here's a thought: Maybe it's like a coming-of-age story. No, seriously, hear me out.

We were all probably all over MySpace back when we were 12. Whenever you even think about the site, it's hard not to also think of being 12. Even if you started your profile when you were in your 20s. But Facebook, on the other hand, it's like going to college. It's tidy. The spangles are all gone. No more personalizing your lockers or Trapper Keepers. And grownups use it.

Somebody smart would figure out the next great social networking site, one that fit the next great chapters in our lives. Like, oh, a midlife crisis. You would be rich! Except for one thing: people already use Facebook for that, too.... damn.