This ought to be... well... interesting.

As part of the city's still-prenatal 2011-12 budget process, the Portland Police Bureau has decided to ask regular people—just like you and me!—how cops in town might better perform their duties. They'd kindly like us to fill out this online survey and tell them whether we've had good or bad experiences at the hands of officers, which locations we think cops should patrol more often, and what we would recommend, "if cost were not a factor," when it comes to keeping things safe and rebuilding trust with the community.

And Blogtown, that's where you come in. We know this is tough stuff, what with gang strife flaring, new gun control laws to install, and more police shootings to investigate, etc. But we also know you're a bunch of wise-assed anarchist pinkos who probably know just what to say, like a Hallmark card carefully chosen for that great-aunt you've only met twice. (Also some of you are even thoughtful and smart. So there's that.)

Do us a favor: You can post on the PPB's survey, or whatever. But first you should get down in the comments here and share with the world. Best comment wins a thought doughnut and thought cup of coffee. Because for us, when it comes to prizes, cost is a factor.