According to the Portland Tribune Portland Trail Blazers' guard Brandon Roy will go under the knife for arthroscopic surgery on both of his knees next week. Then, he'll do it again. (In other news, if you need some percocet, hit up Brandon Roy.)

Team doctor Don Roberts will handle the surgery next week on the Trail Blazers’ All-Star guard, who has missed Portland’s last 13 games due primarily to soreness in his left knee.

Roy and team officials flew to the Bay Area last Thursday to meet with Dr. Brian Cole, the team doctor of the Chicago Bulls and one of the world’s foremost experts on articular cartilage repair.

Cole was of the opinion that meniscus transplant surgery would not help Roy’s left knee, but offered the possibility that an arthroscopic procedure might be of benefit.

I'm no blog doctor, so I don't understand how arthroscopic surgery can replace his missing meniscuses, but perhaps they'll toss some in. From a cadaver... that used to be a serial killer... who kicked people to death! Watch out Brandon, I saw this in a movie once.