YOU ANONYMOUS—Things are just crazier in Australia. Toilets flush backward, people eat kangaroos, and Luke You has been printing a zine of anonymous letters from regular individuals every single week since 2001. Now Luke You's You zine is on tour and touching down in Portland tonight, when he will present his prolific collection of anonymous tales. SM
Independent Publishing Resource Center, 917 SW Oak, #218, 7 pm, FREE

BRAKE YO'SELF—If you need an idea of how long Kurtis Blow has been making hiphop history, the Harlem emcee had his first hit (1979's "Christmas Rappin'") three years before Lil Wayne was even born. Blow is the man from the oldest of old school, the rapper behind "The Breaks," and a true legend of the genre. Pay your respect, youngster. EAC
w/Hives Inquiry Squad, Notes from Underground, Alien Funk Squad; Mt. Tabor Theater, 4811 SE Hawthorne, Thurs & Fri, 9 pm, $12-15

Putting the "bee" in busy.