Rip City Bigs by Ryan Berkley

Attention, sports fans: If Ezra's mid-season Blazers checkup didn't depress the fandom out of you satiate your Blazelust, then I have an art show for you! Blazer Mania, Compound Gallery's Blazers-inspired group show, is on view through the end of the month— bringing together local and regional artists to pay some respect to Portland's favorite professional basketball team. The show is heavy on illustrations, taking on player-specific portraits (Nathan Gelgud whipped up teammates past and present in a series of black ink drawings), franchise mash-ups (like the above piece by Ryan Berkley), and even a loving re-imagining of Blaze the Trail Cat (by Seattle-based artist Stacey Rozich, who put some birds in there for good Portland measure). Aside from illustrative works, there are a few outliers worth mentioning. Both Joel Colley and J. Shea created sculptures; the former fabricated a golden Oden, crutch and detachable knees included, and the latter, a diorama containing a game of one-on-one. Click through the jump to check out some pieces from Blazer Mania, or stop by Compound at 107 NW 5th Ave to see things in person.

Pezodens Adventure by Joel Colley

Playground Memories by J. Shea

Holly Sheed by Eatcho

Scottie Pippen by Nathan Gelgud

Pacific Coast Native Appreciation by Stacey Rozich

The 6th Man by Ryan Bubnis