Update: Courtesy Twitch (my personal favorite film site ever since Harry Knowles went nuts and turned his site into Facebook's ugly sister) comes word that the web series will debut in April 2011 to coincide with the upcoming new Mortal Kombat game.

Twitch's info-packed story also floats rumor of a new Mortal Kombat feature film coming in 2012.

Remember last year when that awesome, live-action Mortal Kombat short film starring Michael "Black Dynamite" Jai White appeared out of nowhere?

No? Watch:

Following the clip's appearance, the questions came hot and heavy. Was this a for-some-reason-live-action trailer for a new game in the hyper-bloody fighting series? Was it an understandably-live-action teaser for a new MK film? Was it all just an attempt at outing those born with Harlequin-type ichthyosis as the face-chewing monsters they really are?

Eventually we learned that it was all an elaborate cocktease of a demo reel, designed to prove to someone with bags of money that they ought to toss it at Jai White and pals to make an actual long-form version of the thing.

Happily, it looks like someone has.

Courtesy Bloody Disgusting comes news that Rebirth will return in the form of a 10-episode web series. No word on when it might debut appears in the BD article and the rest of the 'net has been absolutely no help at all.

Kids, thank the Internet.

While "web series" is likely not the "feature film" or "pay cable series" those originally involved with the short may have been hoping for, it's still great news for those who saw the clip and immediately wanted more of the gritty, hyper-violent take on a fighting game line that was last seen blowing DC Comics characters for drug money.

Beyond that, it should at least be interesting see what director Kevin Tancharoen can produce with an actual budget.