• Courtesy of foodcartsportland.com
I guess it was bound to happen, eventually—what with nearly 600 food carts having sprouted in pods all across Portland. This weekend, for the first time that the fine folks over at Food Carts Portland can remember, one of those carts has been, well, reportedly carted away.

The cart in question? Azul Tequila, which was parked in the A La Carts pod near SE 50th and Division. According to Food Carts Portland, which spoke with the pod's owner, ne'er-do-wells broke into the lot either late Sunday or early Monday, hitched up the cart, and then took off. They had to move another cart to get to it.

I've got a message into the Portland police for more details—was it random? targeted? something else shady?—but no word back yet.

Update 10:50 AM: The TV stations can take it from here. KGW is reporting that the cart has turned up, all the way over on NW 23rd. KOIN, citing the $30,000 cart's owner, Alfredo Franco, puts damages at $6,000.

From the Food Carts Portland post, which went up late last night (separately, the Mercury had also gotten a tip about the same time that cart owners there were talking about the theft):

This is the first time we’ve ever heard of a food cart being stolen. Many food carts, while they are stationary, are actually mobile in the truest sense. It is sad that in this economy a small business didn’t just get robbed or vandalized, but got their entire business stolen. I wonder if any restaurants have ever had their entire building stolen at 12:30am.

Azul Tequila Mexican Taqueria is a 16′ foot dark blue trailer with double axles and openings on the right side and the rear end for serving. The cart had a yellow menu displayed on the right side of the cart for all to see and ventilation appliances on the roof. If you see the cart or know anything about its disappearance, please contact the Portland Police Bureau at 503-823-3333. A reward is being offered by the owners.