Take a look. Yep. It's what you think it is:

Whisky in a can.

Despite the name, Scottish Spirits is not Scottish. Rather, it's a Panamanian company that's crammed 12 delicious ounces of whisk(e)y into a can. Other liquor producers are angry—but not because it holds enough hooch to get two stout men tipsy as lords, all while coming in a container that cannot, in any way, be re-closed and saved for later. Seriously, how much faster do you get through a can than a bottle, by virtue of the fact that the top's been popped for good?

Actually, the makers of real Scotch (the Scottish stuff, made by Scots in Scotland) are upset that the beverage's name is misleading. (It's not real Scottish Scotch in that can; it's Panamanian Scotch, whatever that is, made in Panama and not Scotland, which I gather would very much like to have appellation contrôlée on the word "Scotch.") As of now, there's no way to get a crisp, cool refreshing can of Scottish Spirits Scotch outside of Panama, and I can only venture that is a good thing. Can you imagine someone dragging a half-rack of this to the river come summertime? And the shotgunning—oh, the shotgunning!

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