Hey Freeway, wheres Jake One?
  • Dominic Savini
  • Hey Freeway, where's Jake One?

Another week, another Mercury music section to ignore in favor of the Johnny Marr autobiography. Is there a chapter about that one time I saw him at Music Millennium and then stalked him all over Portland? Uh, of course not. Because that never happened. Nope. No sir.

Know what was a great record? Like, a seriously fantastic album that all hiphop heads can agree on? Stimulus Package, the collaboration between Freeway and Jake One that was released last year. Now the perfect combination of emcee and producer are coming together for one night as part of POH-Hop.

Freeway and Jake One - "One Foot In"

On the Stairs refuses to stay the course and changes directions (so many horns!) on their fine new album, A Muted Dawn.

On the Stairs - "Stand"

Emo, you got old, dude. From the ashes of Texas is the Reason come the tempered sounds of Atlantic/Pacific.

Atlantic/Pacific - "Patterns"

Creepy? Definitely. Funny? Yup. Somehow the Handsome Family—the real life happy family of Brett and Rennie Sparks—manage to be both haunting and hilarious.

Handsome Family - "Drinking Beer on the Roof"

End Hits: Drinking beer on the roof... then vomiting off the roof.