Details about the long whispered-about new Hopworks are starting to come out. The Bike Bar, so named for its location on the busiest bike route in the state, is opening up right next to New Old Lompoc the 5th Quadrant on N. Williams. The canopy of the bar will be constructed out of Oregon-made bike frames (if you've been to the original location, you know Hopworks is no stranger to cycle-inspired design). Sarah, you have any wonky bike details to add?

It’s a bold move to open up right next door to another brewpub, but owner Christian Ettinger told the New School Beer Blog that “when you create an area with multiple draws, it's a rising tide.” Not outright fighting words anyway. Nothing against Lompoc, but I’ll take a HUB Lager any day.

The space itself will be smaller than the original location on Powell, but out back there will be beer garden and another open space for festivals and events.

As of now, they're shooting for a May opening. Brewpublic has a video interview with Ettinger, and there’s additional coverage at Eater and New School. Here’s to hoping that beer sausage on the happy-hour menu makes it north.