Whatever dudes, Im a writer, not a Photoshop-er.
  • Whatever dudes, I'm a writer, not a Photoshop-er.

Ready for this one, guys? The Alter Egos Society and Stumptown Comics Festival have just announced a contest to design a superhero costume for Sam Adams. The winning design will be produced by the Alter Egos Society, and Sam will wear it to Stumptown, where, according to the press release, "attendees will have the opportunity to have their picture taken with the costumed mayor as well as purchase prints featuring Mayor Sam Adams in his original superhero costume, with proceeds going to benefit the local non-profit p:ear, which provides services for homeless and transitional youth." After considering and rejecting several Portlandia jokes, I've decided I'm for this. It's a clever, light-hearted way to highlight the mayor's support for the city's comics industry while also raising some scratch for homeless kids. Who can argue with that?

The contest officially begins on Feb 1, with details to be posted on the Alter Egos Society and Stumptown Comics Fest sites as they emerge. In the meantime, we await your superhero concepts and costume suggestions in the comments. Try not to be... you know. Boring.