Can States Declare Bankruptcy? Several cash-strapped states are thinking of just declaring themselves bankrupt.

Chinese President vs. Tibet: On the last stop of his big US tour, Chinese President Hu Jintao doesn't waver on his Tibet takeover.

Missing Girl Turns Up after 23 Years: Every teen gets the sinking feeling that their parents aren't really their parents. Nejdra Nance was right.

On the Hunt for Dumb Rules: Obama's trying to slim down government by nixing redundant regulations, but will he actually find any to cut?

Voicebox Transplant: A woman speaks her first words in a decade through someone else's larynx.

Saddam Is the New Borat: Sacha Baron Cohen says his next work will be making a movie version of Saddam Hussein's novel.

Behind the Guantanamo Policy: An interesting look into how Obama's administration decided to restart military trials at Gitmo.

Amy Poehler Was a Teen Model?! And a kinda creepy one:


Sellwood Bridge Downsize: Mayor Adams was pushing for a streetcar line on the new Sellwood Bridge, but its been cut to save $13 million.

River Reroute: Crew are changing the course of the Sandy River after crazy flooding.