Here's a 'graph from Salon's review of Portlandia (premiering tonight on IFC, 10:30 pm)—which asks (but doesn't answer) if the show is actually funny.

The series rather pointedly teases a core section of IFC's audience — a portion that will watch Armisen and Brownstein's antics very closely, with an eye for accuracy, and then either roar with recognition and approval, or go on the Internet immediately and write a blog entry about how "Portlandia" doesn't get Portland or Oregon or feminist bookstores or urban bike culture. Armisen and Browstein’s masterstroke is showing how certain flavors of modern leftist sensitivity/engagement can seem (to outsiders) like passive-aggressive self-absorption laced with contempt for the unenlightened.

Yeah, Salon... but IS IT FUNNY?? Perhaps they never answer that question because anyone who doesn't think Portlandia is a fall-down LOLocaust either "doesn't get the joke" or is a butt-sore, white-pants wearin', fixie-riding, mustachioed hipster.

OH! And speaking of me: With 2% of all precincts reporting, here are the current standings of yesterday's poll in which I asked "How Full of Shit is Wm. Steven Humphrey?" in regards to my review of Portlandia.


As you can see, a strong majority of you think I'm either pretty full or overflowing with shit. But the voting day is still young! (Actually, I'm wildly surprised anybody thought I was completely shit-less—let alone 13% of you! Carrie and Fred should totally write a sketch about you bike-ridin', indie-emo-rockin', organic arugula-eatin' idiots!)