Microcosm Publishing is taking the e-reader wars to the next level with their new promotion. You bring in your unwanted Kindle (they only want Kindles) and you get to take home it's value in books, zines, and other printed matter from their zine store.

Ha! I bet the folks at Wired never thought this image would be coopted for this subject!
  • Ha! I bet the folks at Wired never thought this image would be coopted for this subject!

As their blog points out
, "most of the store's books are priced in the $2-$6 range so a $139-$189 trade-in (note: going retail for the Kindle at Amazon's site) you might be carrying your books out in a fleet of wheelbarrows!"

You can take advantage of this bizarre deal at the Microcosm Zine Store at 636 SE 11th Ave. My main concern, what do they plan to do with the Kindles? Burn them?

UPDATE: After wondering out loud what would happen to the abandoned Kindles (remember, from yesterday? or were you distracted by wookieeloving) I wrote them and heard back from Joe Biel. He informed me that Microcosm plans to build a museum containing "Kindles, some Laserdisc players, some Zack Morris cell phones, and Palm Pilots."

And yes, that is the sound of a gauntlet crashing to the ground. If only the Kindle could fight back with artistic expressions of its defiance instead of the vast, murderous robot army it will inevitably evolve into.

Joe added this bit of personal perspective on the rise of the e-reader:

When I was five I got an Alf doll. My mom hated the idea. She was insistent that it wouldn't last a week in my life. She thought I would embrace the next character that appeared in pop culture. And it did last about two weeks but she was right. That's pretty much how I feel about the cell phones and Kindles now. Except to top that off the emotional loss of interest they become obsolete much faster.

Also cited in the email was evidence that ebook sales already spiking, the well known ecological and human rights costs of producing ereaders, and the loss of revenue and funding for print journalism.

So, without rehashing this comment thread, how does this make you feel? I personally plan on never owning an ereader, cause I like books and I hate screens, unless you all were planning on pitching in and buying me one.