As you may have surmised, last week I was walking around the office in my underpants. BUT THIS TIME I HAD A GOOD REASON! The BTA (Bicycle Transportation Alliance) called up a couple of weeks ago, and the conversation went something like this.

BTA: Hey Steve, we need a favor. We want to produce a PSA about the importance of having lights on your bike, and we want you to be in it.
Me: Uh-huh... I dunno... I'm kinda busy, and...
BTA: Oh, and we'll need you to be in your underpa…
BTA: You didn't let me finish.
Me: Were you going to say "underpants"?
BTA: Yes.
Me: Then I'LL DO IT.

(Obviously, when a situation arises in which I can be nearly nude in the office without legal ramifications, I pounce on that mothereffer.)
Anyway… look, it's done! From the BTA:

In the BTA's new Public Service Announcement, "Wm. Steven Humphrey's Strategies for Getting Around Without Bike Lights (or Pants)," the all-too-common gaffe of forgetting one's bike lights is compared to the unthinkable: going to work without clothes. Riding a bike at night without lights should be unthinkable, too.

So guys! ALWAYS RIDE WITH YOUR LIGHTS! (All the better to see me with.)